Alchemy Bistro and Wine Bar
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Alchemy Bistro and Wine Bar

Open Daily 2-8

842 Washington Street
Port Townsend, WA

For reservations for parties of 5 or less click HERE or call:

For parties of 6 or more please call.

To order cocktails togo, you must also purchase food.


Although we strive for up to date excellance all menus are subject to change.  

After Dinner Cocktails

Siren’s spanish coffee: 151 Rum, Kalhua, orange liqueur, decaf or regular coffee, a splash of brandy and fire. Served with whipped cream/14

Brandy Alexander: Brandy, crème de cacao, heavy cream. Served with a freshly grated nutmeg garnish/12
Go bananas! Banana Alexander/12

Grasshopper (Tujagues, New Orleans): Tempus Fugit creme de cocoa & menthe, heavy cream, brandy float/13

Chocolate espresso cocktail: 360 Chocolate Vodka, crème de cacao, and espresso/11.5

Out classed: Courvoisier, Montenegro, Frangelico. Served up with an espresso rim and an orange twist/13

Alchemy B&B: Our dry and spicy version of the classic with brandy and Amaro Nonino/12

Banana split (Cam): House vanilla vodka, crème de cacao, Tempus Fugit Banane, heavy cream, and a banana chip/11.5


Illuminated: Gin, Contratto bitter, St. Germain, lime/13

Sassy & classy: Beefeater gin, lemon, Strega, & grapefruit bitters/12

Dressed to empress: Empress gin, lemon, maraschino liqueur, rose and orange flower water/13

Thyme to get down: Beefeater gin, salers, thyme syrup, cointreau, lemon/12

Jazzersize with Karen: Gin, crème de peche, lemon, contratto, bitters/13

Arsenic and old lace: Gin, crème de violette, dry vermouth, absinthe, orange bitters/12

Dark Tower: Gunpowder gin, herbal liqueur, dry vermouth, Pasubio (blueberry amaro), singed rosemary/14

Mrs. Robinson: Hendricks, Plymouth, Lillet blanc, dry vermouth, rosewater, Lagavulin rinse, rose bud/14

Snow falling on cedars: Carpano Antica, gin, Aperol, an egg./13

Spanish martini: Gin martini rinsed with spanish sherry, olive & lemon twist/12

Singapore sling: Gin, lemon, orange, cointreau, nonino, cherry heering, soda/12

Ramos gin fizz: Gin, lemon, lime, cream, orange flower, rose water, cream, egg whites, soda/13

“Last” Last Word: Monkey 47 gin, Luxardo Maraschino liqueur, Chartreuse VEP, lime..10/half 20/full


Spaghetti western: Brandy, whisky, Averna, Drambuie, barrel aged Peychauds/12

Behemoth: Armagnac, bourbon, Pedro Ximenez sherry, brown sugar, bitters/13.5

Sawbuck: Remy Martin cognac, Zucca, angostura, pechauds, orange bitters/14

Hangman: Pisco, Alipus mezcal, yellow Chartreuse, lime, cinnamon, cardamom bitters/13

It cant rain all the time: Calvados, lemon, Balsam honey, yarrow, egg whites/13

Search for delicious: Apricot eau de vie, pisco, lemon, gomme syrup, egg whites, Amargo Chuncho/14

Was it something I said: Singhani, arrack, Salamadaki Dala, Byrhh/14

Its all greek to me: Tsipouro, lemon, lime, bay leaf-pepper corn syrup, orange flower water/14

Pisco Sour: Pisco, lime, egg whites, Amargo Chuncho/12.5

Cranberry cobbler: Remy 1738, muddled cranberries, lemon, sherry/14 -$$$$-
High Society:
1980 Armagnac, 1969 Sercial Madeira, Barrel aged Peychauds bitters/30


Winter coat: Brown butter washed bourbon, house Atreides, black walnut bitters, crab apple chip/14

Feeling lucky: Highwest rye, Aperol, Pineau des Charentes, chocolate bitters/13

Pining for you: Bernheim wheat whiskey, pine liqueur, gilka, thyme/13

Cold hearted snake: Rittenhouse rye, camero campari, firewater/13

Gold man: Rittenhouse rye, Contratto, Tempus Fugit Banana liqueur, bitters/12.5

The Werk: Four Roses Single Barrel bourbon, gentian liqueur, Aperol, Colonial bitters/12.5

On Wednesdays we wear pink: Islay scotch, blended scotch, grapefruit, lime, bitters/15

Siofra: Lagavulin, Pedro Ximenez sherry, absinthe, lemon twist/17

Old fashioned: Bourbon, bitters, splash simple syrup, orange twist/12 Penicillin: Scotch, lemon, honey, ginger, Islay scotch/12 -$$$$- Sazerac: Wild Turkey Masters Keep Rye, simple, barrel aged Peychauds, and Vieux Pontarlier absinthe/25

Infinity Whiskey/6
Infinity times Infinity/3


Canton: Vodka, Canton ginger liqueur, candied ginger/11

Cougar: Vodka, pamplemousse, coconut washed rum/12

Vanilla sky: Citrus and house vanilla vodka, sherry, orange liqueur, banana chip/13

Beauty pageant: Rosewater lemonade, vodka & Nick’s unrelenting admiration/12.5

Arctic dawn: Vodka, ginger liqueur, lemon, lime, ginger beer/11.5

Bajor: Our most recent version of the classic Lemondrop. Thyme vodka, dry curaçao, lemon, sugar rim/12.5

Study date: House chamomile vodka, lemon, sugar, chamomile blossoms/13

Lady in red: Wild Roots raspberry vodka, ginger, lemon, vanilla/12.5

White Russian: Vodka, house coffee liqueur, heavy cream/11

Moscow mule: Vodka, lime, ginger beer, bitters/11.5


Blossoms for breakfast: Rhum, Smith & Cross, lime, cinnamon, pineapple, orange flower water/13

Jackalope: Pineapple rum, lime, banane, falernum, chocolate bitters/13.5

Lateral sunset: Plantation 5yr rum, lemon, and “Ryan’s special sauce”, large rock, ginger beer/12.5

Crimson king: Dark rum, Campari, house-made dry curaçao, bitters/13

Arrackis: Arrack, lemon, maraschino liqueur, house atreides syrup, egg whites/14

The executor: Rhum, ginger liqueur, Patxaran Ordoki (sloe berry)/13

Mai Tai: Rhum, jamaican rum, lime, orange liqueur, orgeat/13

Hemingway daiquiri: Rhum, lime, grapefruit, maraschino liqueur, house made maraschino cherries/12.5

Sleeper: Aged rum, coriander, clove, lemon, egg/13

-$$$$- Rum Old Fashioned: Caroni 2000, simple, angostura/35

Non-Alcoholic cocktails..8

Down by the bay: Lemon, lime, bay leaf-peppercorn syrup, saline

Rosemary’s baby: Cranberries, lemon, ginger, soda, bitters, singed rosemary

Serengheti: Hibiscus, cinnamon, citrus, hawthorne rose kombutcha, firewater bitters

Eating raw or undercooked meats may cause illness.
Gratuity of 20% may be added to parties of 6 or more.